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30 May 2013 @ 08:51 pm
starting tomorrow…  
Project TackleBoxSpeedShortsBirthdayBash

For my birthday, I'm giving myself my resolve, confidence, love, and more wardrobe options.

1. to successfully train for 2013 SeaWheeze Half Marathon with a 1:45:00 time goal
2. to fit easily into my Run: Speed Shorts (and other gear)
3. to weigh, at most, 115 lbs on my birthday (about 10 lbs away) on June 30

1. follow the training plan; can re-arrange to factor in Tuesday and Thursday workouts with my training group; do not renege on long runs!
2. eat plantstrong, whole foods (eggs and fish are allowed, sparingly)
3. eschew dairy, refined carbohydrates, and sweets
4. one cheat day per 2 weeks
5. continue to log meals and activity
6. drink at least half my body weight daily in water
Current Music: "Finger Back," Vampire Weekend